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MMR 2023
St. Patrick's Day Ride

MMR 2023 St. Patrick's Day Ride

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

 The Annual Raymond Parade 2023

Saturday, April 15th 2023
@ High Noon (12:00 p.m.)

There will be an Announcement Ceremony
at the Raymond Museum

There will be a Raffle @ 3:00 p.m.
@ the Raymond Museum

Raffle tickets- $1 ea./ $5 for 6

for parade info call (559) 689-3623


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***An urgent alert...

for all BCHC members...

Re: CA State Assembly bill 233

Most of us understand that cleaning up at trail heads,
on streets or sidewalks is already mandatory
in some cities, towns, and is what
we highly encourage our members to do. 

However, by adding “public property”, it greatly
expands where this could become mandatory.
It also could be used as a tool for other
user groups to force horses off of all trails.

This bill could force riders to either carry bags
and shovels to pick up manure, or to have
your horse wear a manure bag.

We feel this is an unnecessary bill, as most cities
and towns can elect to have a policy like this.
Therefore, we are concerned about the
State of CA endorsing this requirement. 

Please contact:
CA State District 8
Assemblyman Jim Patterson
to let him know where you stand on 
CA State Assembly bill 233!

CA State District 8
Assemblyman Jim Patterson’s
contact information:

office address:
6245 North Fresno Street # 106
Fresno, CA  93710
phone # (559)- 446-2029


Yosemite is in the planning stages of a Visitor Access Management Plan.

The Superintendent of Yosemite, Cicely Muldoon, says they need to hear from private stock users (official term for people that ride their horses in Yosemite) their concerns, ideas, needs etc. regarding access to Yosemite.

Comment period closes Feb 3, 2023 @11 a.m. PST

We urge you to submit your comments at:


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